Thursday, March 23, 2017

Happened to come across this image the other day. Really how changed is life after social media has entered to this levels.
Facebook has come with 'n' options of updating what you are eating, thinking, reading, drinking, watching, feeling, making, celebrating, remembering, getting and what not....
Some combinations status which made write this post altogether......

1. XXXX is -- getting some fresh air 

2. XXXX is -- making connections 

3. XXXX is -- making noise (status by a 8 yr old kid)

4. XXXX is -- celebrating something

5. XXXX is -- looking at the sky

I happened to visit a cyber crime lecture wherein the lecturer told us an incident about how a girl from a high profile family always updated her status on a social networking site. Few notorious people with fake profile became her friends and kept following her profile. 
After a few days, she updated her status of a family trip to a hill station. Subsequently she kept on updating her status of the trip, when they left for the trip, what are they doing there, who is accompanying with them...These notorious people after getting all information robbed the house..and they made it big.
When the case was investigated it came to light that root cause of this incident was her updates which let them know about whereabouts of the family. This is the level at which social media has harmed our lives. Its high time that we do not make our private life, public. 

A note to end this post: read more, travel, work, love, make friends, and don't update this on social media. :P

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