Tuesday, October 4, 2016

To be or not to be...Visas questioned?

I have never aspired to go abroad and study or work...I don't know why it didn't appeal me or may be my family background was not such that they would encourage me to go abroad and study and settle down there...And it so happened that I stepped into NON-IT education streams and the chances lowered down...I don't have any plus or minus feelings about the same...

However today I went through a post which talked about H4 dependent visas and H1B visas of their spouses. Married women talked about how they worked while they were in  India and talked about how talented they were, and how they have rich experience of working especially in IT companies and how they are dependent on their spouse since they are married and went to The US to settle with their spouse. They talked how difficult it is in The US to survive with one earning person in the family. Many women said that they are getting treated for depression as they no longer feel they have a life, and have to ask their spouse for every little need of theirs to be fulfilled.

Women need to think twice before they marry someone who is working with H1B visa. They need to be aware that they will be getting a dependent visa. They cannot earn, own or even open a bank account without their husband permits to do so. They need to understand that their role there will be only to cook, raise kids and be a good homemaker. All this needs to be understood before they marry and go off...You don't get a chance to regret it later. And if you are comfortable with everything that comes 'free' with H4 visa: aunties in India will say arre Sharma ji ki beti US mein settle hai, friends will envy all your profile pics on FB and whatsapp where you will flaunt snowfall or parks, and ofcourse parents will feel proud ki humari beti ko humne engineer banaya aur dhumdham se shadi kar di...then the choice is yours.

P.S.: The views expressed here are solely in authors capacity and do not relate/represent any individual/entity/content available online/offline. 

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  1. well I disagree a bit . sorry .. not all women who go on H1B visa go to cook,raise kids etc etc. if they think that way then they should not marry at ALL.

    I think majority just want to go to USA, they know before marriage that the Man is in USA on H1B visa, and they will be dependant.. so why get married at all, i am sure there are many men who live ad nwork in india itself ..