Monday, August 18, 2014


Oxygen…aha we studied that it was some element essential for all living beings...what it has to do with my blog title...Oxygen! what does it cost? We do not know…I mean we never had to buy it...And we are humans,  right?  We do not value what we get in free…

Same is the case of Freedom/Independence…We are free…We are not deprived of it…so we have not known its value…Salute to all those people who bore  heavy cost to give us that in legacy…

So now it has been 2 days after the Independence day, all the ‘social networking patriots’ are asleep after loading the web with likes, shares, tweets …let us think what do we do to value our independence…

We are all lucky that we are not made to freeze at -2 degree Celsius in Ladakh or suffer 50 degree Celsius at Rajasthan border. We are those lucky people who have our life with more than what we call as  'needs'...

Can we do some small things to pay back to our motherland and her great martyrs. We are not expected to go at the border and fight, some minuscule things and we can pay back a bit of that…something that we can do every day without spending much time, energy and money

1)      Save water. Use water judiciously. We import crude oil.. Lord Help, we do not want our younger      generations to import water.  Spread the message to save water.
2)      Save electricity. The sun sets and we want the world to look beautiful for all 24 hours.
3)      Plant trees. And more important conserve them. One tree in a life of 60 years. Difficult??
4)      Make efforts to educate one person you know who is deprived of it. Who knows, he/she will educate 100 others.
5)      If each one of us decides to keep our surrounding clean, we could compete with the South East nation who claims to be one of the cleanest nation in the world.  We do not need to go and sweep the roads. All that we need to do is avoid littering on roads, trains and public places…Put the wrappers, empty food packets into dustbins..make efforts to segregate the garbage at our home into dry wastes and wet wastes. That will help in recycling
6)      Make minimum use of plastic. Carry paper/cloth bags for purchases. Take along with you bags even when you go to the mall. You will surely help to save the environment.
7)      Inculcate the value of honesty, transparency and responsibility at work and home. That will help us be a good human being
8)      Treat all individuals with respect and love especially parents. It will be a great country where old age homes will be closed (happily).…

These are simple things that I can think of,  at this moment …There are many things that can be thought of and followed…Define your own way of giving back…but the essence is we all need to give back in our own good way
And what will be the results…they will add a meaning to our life..something we can preserve till the end…something that we will have to pass on to generations to come…

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"

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  1. yes we can .. but the problem is WILL WE :)

    some thoughts that need to be Thought about for sure