Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lets play it!!

I have grown up as small town girl...My childhood was like any other kid…where I  was  happiest when I got new books when the school reopened…Bread and jam was a luxury and cadbury chocolates remained unfulfilled wishes..A pencil of a rupee was sufficient to boast amongst friends and the best holiday was to grandma’s place. We, my friends and I, rarely got video games to play and internet to pass our time…Outdoor games remained favorites then…We used to play dodge the ball, hide and seek,  blind fold games and treasure hunt.

Today I realize, life is not different than the games I played while I was young…
There was a game called dodge the ball…the players stand around a circle…one of the player stands in the circle…other players throw the ball towards the player who stands in the circle and he tries not getting hit by the ball and not getting 'out' of the game…Do we play dodge the ball with life everyday. Yes I do .…some situations throw the problems/difficulties towards me…I try not to get ‘out’ with that problem…I play hide and seek…its my life’s favourite game…not mine…It hides…I seek…every time I try to find it…it finds such a hideout that I cannot find it…and atlast if I find it…it finds a better hideout…and everytime…it wins and I lose…it laughs at me like a small kid and I keeping staring at it..helpless…it blindfolds me every day…just to unfold it in such a way that it teaches me there is more to come…good and bad…best and worse…happy and sad…

Then comes my favorite game…treasure hunt…tired of all the games…this is the game which gives me hope, which fills me with energy and zeal to get  up and play…coz I know after all the weary day what I’m going to get at the end,  is the treasure , ‘ happiness, satisfaction and joy’  and I will say to myself, "All is well that ends well".


  1. @ Bikram ..I'm more than confident that you will comment :P...Thank you so much for your previous comments..They mean a lot to me...I am unable to comment on your posts...though i have read them...the 'technical' me could not find the answer...if you could help me...please :)

    1. :) well i have no idea myself i am also in the same bracket "technical".. no clue .. and how can you say that about yourself , you found a way of telling me something .. I would be lost :)

      what is the problem.. you going to wordpress site and dont see the comment section .. what explorer you using is it internet or chrome ..

      Sorry i am not of much help :(

      you can email me

      but hey dont worry much about that .. if you cant comment , I am happy you come and read whatever I write

      so chillllaxxxx...

      Now let me read the article :)

  2. oh yesssssssss now that is my childhood .. you are so SOOOOOOOOOO right .. best holidays at Nani's .. and true cadbury was a luxury ... the pencil which had a rubber in the end or something fancy was something ot boast about ..

    the games we played were so beautiful ..kids these days will never be able to enjoy the fun we had .. Kho kho.. kabaddi .. Stapoo :) and pithu garam .. so many langdi tang.. you know what I am going to write a post on all this ..

    your post has given me inspiration to write it :) Thank you


  3. @ Bikram...m happy you liked the post...
    The problem is when I try to comment...it redirects to wordpress login...which I didn't have...then I created one...n u might see my comment with username CCMAZ