Friday, July 18, 2014


Hello to one and all!!!
I have been transferred to a new office wherein I'm quiet happy with the job I have been given...It has tremendous things I need to understand, learn, assimilate and grow...

I had met a very senior person from that department long ago who works in head office of the bank...I was so impressed by his personality, clarity of concepts, his speech...that I have always dreamt to work in that department...which has a considerable share in the banking business...and here I'm...Hope I will be able to contribute in the growth and grow too...

One thing I am trying to learn in the new office is how does the controlling center has many functions to do...controlling..supporting..directing..all of them in synchronization with one another. Not a single department can work at its own. Given my very less experience in the job, I need to learn much more...

You know what, we really need to sort out things may be work, home, life...that makes your life easy. Else it happens many a times that you go on running, but the distance you have run is negligible...

I am in a way sorted out...I always have that checklist at hand, order in which work needs to be done. But I wonder how others do that? What methods have they adopted to make their life easy? If you have any of them, my comment box welcomes you...:)

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination--EARL NIGHTINGALE



  1. you definitely dont want my method its the worst one can have..

    all the best and one thing is true the system that works or has been working for you, why change it .. dont try to change what is NOT broken :) is my philosophy


  2. @ Bikram -- your philosophy does make a sense :)