Sunday, April 27, 2014

A year gone by!!!

I  have completed one year in my current job, and i'm pretty happy with it! A banker I'm!!!

But apart from my job there have been many things with which i'm disappointed...

You will say I'm the one who  is never satisfied with what i'm, yes so??? I' Agree

I believe I'll perform only if I'll be disappointed ( Constructive disappointment ) I'm crazyyy :P

So here I list down the reasons why I'm disappointed--------

1) I'm reading, but the pace is slow....i mean its taking me days to finish a book....OMG i come home hell tired and so i read some lines and doze of with the glasses and book on my fave

2) My family members are convincing me to whom should i get married and doing their thorough analysis on his bank balance and pay slips. OMG please give me a break...I'm well qualified to earn my bread n butter if not a Rolls Royce....and who wants dreams of it...I don't. So leave upto me whom should i get married to...

3) Even if I have said I'm pretty happy with the job, I still feel I need to focus more to grow. I'm just doing what comes to my table, and get out of office (That does not mean I ignore work,  I am in good books of my boss. Cheers!!!)

4) Last of the list...I'm not doing any justice to my health, be my BMI or nutrient balance. I'm not eating home cooked food, not exercising at all :( and moreover not handling my stress well)

Aaahhh!!! Still life has been good to me. And I have been good to it!! :D

My dear blog...I know I'm not been good to you...I don't write to you at all....But I know you still love me :D :D ...I love you too my dear blog...Love you loads!