Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lend me your hand!!!

...I remember I had been out of station last fortnight.
While returning the train stopped at platform no. 2. It was 10.30 by my watch.

It was obvious that hundreds of folks had to move from platform no 2 to platform no.1 by walking over the bridge. And so we were hundreds of people being crushed (Don't take it literally).

While we were walking upstairs, I saw a very old couple doing the same task as we all were. The couple might be aged somewhere around 65+.  And I saw the old lady, holding her hubby's hand for support. He was carrying a heavy bag on his shoulders and had given her the lighter one.

Then i thought would he able to handle himself with the heavy bag, with his wife, with her bag if he/she slips. The answer was 'NO'. (This was what my brain calculated).

But then i thought what might the lady have thought while she held his hand for support! It was not the physical support/his energy which would save her. The only thing that made her held his hand, was her belief in her better half...that he won't let happen anything wrong to himself or to her!!! That he would hold her if she needs...and that he would not let her fall!!!

This is what is belief, a stronger bond than anything which makes those relations bloom and survive and live forever.