Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Is it necessary to have a structured well disciplined life? I mean to wake up at so and so a.m. to have 3 meals a day, to read one book every week???? Why can't we take life as it comes and do whatever our heart says at that moment?

I have seen people who never miss their morning walk, who never sleep before they write next day to-do lists, who never have tea without bath. (Don't count me in any of these :P :P)

Is it necessary to have 1 or 2 or 3 passions for which you would give up anything in life??
Why can't you be a person who has interests in 1/2/3 activities but is not passionate to give up anything for it!
Some people are passionate about photography or reading. They can't live without it.

Now i am not a person who has passion to death about anything. If someone asks me about my passion, they might feel i'm dumb after looking at my expression. I like reading, i'm interested in calligraphy but i can live without them if time or situation demands!

"What's your favorite color?", "Whose is your favorite actor?", questions like these and i'm dumb again.
I mean nature has created all the colors. I like all. I don't have a single favorite really!!! Now i don't explain this, and i have one color in mind which i will tell if you ask me. (Even at midnight :P) Doesn't it sound foolish? May be. But nothing better came to my mind when i was thinking about this!!!

When i talked to a good friend about all this, the only one thing he said is "SOUNDS FOOLISH, you are impossible" :( :D :)

And i said, "Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish".

P.S.:  You see the contrast in this post and the previous one. You see my mind works like a spring, it keeps on hopping! I sometimes feel I'm so so split on my thoughts! But anyways new avtars,  new experiences and more hues!!! 

~~ Cheers ~~ 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


People always keep saying  "there is nothing like busy schedules, its only about priorities".

Though i am not working now, still i am always short of time and running behind scheduled dates to complete a task. That makes me remember i have not paid the electricity bill, the last date of which is 15th. :P :P

I thought over it for a while. (not about paying bill..:P..about me and time :))

What i learnt after that thought session is:

1) I should not keep on thinking over same things (ofcourse which are not my way) and feel frustrated
2) I should plan a day and look at the end of it, what have i actually got out of it
3) I should eat healthy food and on time
4) Find some time out of ample time to exercise or be ready to face the hell
5) Most important is stop cursing for the things which are around me
6) Don't be a control freak. You cannot control the environment and the people around you. The only thing you can control is you - yourself.
    This is something which really impressed me. It appeared in an newspaper article --
    When life seems beyond control and everyone seems to be doing their own thing, the best thing  to do is take a couple of steps backwards and many steps inwards — within yourself.

Now that i have ample time and me doing as equal as nothing, henceforth i am planning to spend my time constructively. Learn many things, make friends, watch movies, read books, try to understand myself more and how can forget it -- DISCOVER MANY MORE HUES OF LIFE!!!

Now that i'm heading my engine to the junction of hope leaving you people with a nice thought on hope--

The important thing is not that we can live on hope alone, but that life is not worth living without it