Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its never too late!!!

I haven't been to my blog since more than two months...(My head hangs down in shame). Should i curse myself for doing this?

One mind says to me, " You are not doing any justice to your blog, by behaving like this", while the second mind says, "better late than never, get down to it now", and here i go with my second mind.

Well i need to justify myself for being absent. I was not in a right mindset to write a new post, reasons being numerous. First and the most primary reason,that i have relocated to my hometown from Indore (I miss Indore {sob sob}). Packing all the stuff there, moving out, then unpacking and arranging all the things was like a half death to me. While doing all this i had to look after my mom 24*7. Plus extensive traveling,including a follow-up at the hospital in a city which falls on the way from Indore to my hometown.

After relocating, getting an internet connection, finding a maid, getting all the house-hold needs, altogether setting it in routine delayed everything. All this took more than a month.

After doing all these 'unmarried homemaker' wala thingies,i was so low, that i thought, i will never get a way out of it. But then my mom's birthday followed by my birthday and celebrations in first fortnight of February eased out things and "i was back to life".

But you know what, its Murphys law, 'anything that can possibly go wrong, does', and so it did go. One of my cousin met with an accident and there was no one from his family in the town, and so i had to take the responsibility of getting him meals, giving the medicines, paying the bills in the hospitals etc. Fortunately, he is fine now and his family members are back to take care of him and i have been relieved of the task.

So after all the 'sorrow streams flowing' (and dried up as well :P), i'm feeling much much better now, so i'm back to blogging. ( back to FB, orkut as well :P)

Finally comes the hope, that i will be regular to my blog, learn and experience and write about  more and more "HUES OF LIFE'

Leaving with a thought---

Don't allow yourself to frown, maybe someone has fallen in love with your smile!