Monday, October 31, 2011


I am happy to tell all my blogging buddies and to my dear blog, i got a job!

Now anyone on this earth would say, what great deal in that?

The reason why it is a great deal for me is, I had not taken up any job after I completed my studies. There were ample reasons for it. And I was happy being at home, atleast for some days. Then slowly i started getting frustrated, and a time arrived where I felt, i was not worth for a job. Buddies i tell you, don't ever be frustrated, depressed, feel worthless. It is the worst feeling you can ever have.

But then i don't know how, i got into a touch with a placement consultancy, he arranged an interview for me the same day. And i got selected in a very first attempt. I have stepped into an altogether different world. Its an MNC which is the leading one in the industry of travel and leisure. I have got a realization that its not a very flashy job when it comes to "PACKAGE". But its totally fine with me. I am here to learn, to get a good experience. And apart from that, monetary returns were not the only motivation why i have taken up this job. The other reasons are, that i get to live with my family, take good care of my mother, look after my home, live in my hometown...

These factors have motivated me enough to take up not-so flashy job, but i tell you i am learning a lot.

I am feeling so happy when i write this...and here i discover another hue of life, happiness is not a matter of things, its a matter of spirits!!!

P.S.: A special thanks to R. Ramesh, (of GLOBAL MADRASI), a blog buddy who has been so supporting and encouraging me to get through. Your comments are valuable to me! Thanks, once again!!

~~ CHEERS ~~

Sunday, October 9, 2011

click click..

Yesterday I was arranging a very old photo album. While arranging it, i realized how precious are the moments we live as a person, as a child, as a daughter, as a friend, as a sister, as a neigbour, as a care-taker to a every every relation...So precious that they bring tears in eyes when you live them once again through pics...NOSTALGIC...

Then i realized how important  it is to treasure all the form of scrapbooks, photo albums, diaries and any other way you can imagine of.

Don't treasure only very important occasions/events like picnics, birthdays, parties and family functions. Also treasure about small small things, when children play with their friends, make everybody happy...your pet dog moves around the house wagging his tail, you cry for someone else whom you hardly know, tension a night before important exam, party after exam..Do anything write it down, take pics, do anything...but treasure them!

After years, when you look back and question if have you lived your life to the fullest, see the pics, re read the diaries, then you will realize how beautiful your life was! How worth living it was!

So keep smiling and keep creating more memories and keep discovering more hues of life!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh my GOD... blog might be saying this every moment...true...god save my blog...

I have not seen it since months...forgive me my dear blog....but u dont know what i went through all these was the worst of my life i must say...the most unorganized...everything looked so personal shoulder to cry on...i wish human minds had some valves to let go the pressure....

my feelings were crushed by someone, my own people. I should not have given them a second chance...but you know they mean a lot to i did! So i forgave everyone even if i were shattered to bits...but now you know what i have decided not to believe anyone, anybody not any mortal in this world!

lot of frustration you can sense in me...and a hope i see in you that you will take away my frustration a i have come back...come back to tell you wish me luck...send all the good wishes...i need them desperately...

i promised not to let you away...but i're mine i know dear i know you will forgive me like i did to some mortals..

going with a promise to come back...very soon...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Is it necessary to have a structured well disciplined life? I mean to wake up at so and so a.m. to have 3 meals a day, to read one book every week???? Why can't we take life as it comes and do whatever our heart says at that moment?

I have seen people who never miss their morning walk, who never sleep before they write next day to-do lists, who never have tea without bath. (Don't count me in any of these :P :P)

Is it necessary to have 1 or 2 or 3 passions for which you would give up anything in life??
Why can't you be a person who has interests in 1/2/3 activities but is not passionate to give up anything for it!
Some people are passionate about photography or reading. They can't live without it.

Now i am not a person who has passion to death about anything. If someone asks me about my passion, they might feel i'm dumb after looking at my expression. I like reading, i'm interested in calligraphy but i can live without them if time or situation demands!

"What's your favorite color?", "Whose is your favorite actor?", questions like these and i'm dumb again.
I mean nature has created all the colors. I like all. I don't have a single favorite really!!! Now i don't explain this, and i have one color in mind which i will tell if you ask me. (Even at midnight :P) Doesn't it sound foolish? May be. But nothing better came to my mind when i was thinking about this!!!

When i talked to a good friend about all this, the only one thing he said is "SOUNDS FOOLISH, you are impossible" :( :D :)

And i said, "Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish".

P.S.:  You see the contrast in this post and the previous one. You see my mind works like a spring, it keeps on hopping! I sometimes feel I'm so so split on my thoughts! But anyways new avtars,  new experiences and more hues!!! 

~~ Cheers ~~ 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


People always keep saying  "there is nothing like busy schedules, its only about priorities".

Though i am not working now, still i am always short of time and running behind scheduled dates to complete a task. That makes me remember i have not paid the electricity bill, the last date of which is 15th. :P :P

I thought over it for a while. (not about paying bill..:P..about me and time :))

What i learnt after that thought session is:

1) I should not keep on thinking over same things (ofcourse which are not my way) and feel frustrated
2) I should plan a day and look at the end of it, what have i actually got out of it
3) I should eat healthy food and on time
4) Find some time out of ample time to exercise or be ready to face the hell
5) Most important is stop cursing for the things which are around me
6) Don't be a control freak. You cannot control the environment and the people around you. The only thing you can control is you - yourself.
    This is something which really impressed me. It appeared in an newspaper article --
    When life seems beyond control and everyone seems to be doing their own thing, the best thing  to do is take a couple of steps backwards and many steps inwards — within yourself.

Now that i have ample time and me doing as equal as nothing, henceforth i am planning to spend my time constructively. Learn many things, make friends, watch movies, read books, try to understand myself more and how can forget it -- DISCOVER MANY MORE HUES OF LIFE!!!

Now that i'm heading my engine to the junction of hope leaving you people with a nice thought on hope--

The important thing is not that we can live on hope alone, but that life is not worth living without it

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its never too late!!!

I haven't been to my blog since more than two months...(My head hangs down in shame). Should i curse myself for doing this?

One mind says to me, " You are not doing any justice to your blog, by behaving like this", while the second mind says, "better late than never, get down to it now", and here i go with my second mind.

Well i need to justify myself for being absent. I was not in a right mindset to write a new post, reasons being numerous. First and the most primary reason,that i have relocated to my hometown from Indore (I miss Indore {sob sob}). Packing all the stuff there, moving out, then unpacking and arranging all the things was like a half death to me. While doing all this i had to look after my mom 24*7. Plus extensive traveling,including a follow-up at the hospital in a city which falls on the way from Indore to my hometown.

After relocating, getting an internet connection, finding a maid, getting all the house-hold needs, altogether setting it in routine delayed everything. All this took more than a month.

After doing all these 'unmarried homemaker' wala thingies,i was so low, that i thought, i will never get a way out of it. But then my mom's birthday followed by my birthday and celebrations in first fortnight of February eased out things and "i was back to life".

But you know what, its Murphys law, 'anything that can possibly go wrong, does', and so it did go. One of my cousin met with an accident and there was no one from his family in the town, and so i had to take the responsibility of getting him meals, giving the medicines, paying the bills in the hospitals etc. Fortunately, he is fine now and his family members are back to take care of him and i have been relieved of the task.

So after all the 'sorrow streams flowing' (and dried up as well :P), i'm feeling much much better now, so i'm back to blogging. ( back to FB, orkut as well :P)

Finally comes the hope, that i will be regular to my blog, learn and experience and write about  more and more "HUES OF LIFE'

Leaving with a thought---

Don't allow yourself to frown, maybe someone has fallen in love with your smile!