Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm literate! Enough???

India's literacy rate is somewhere between 65-70% ( Youth literacy % is greater than this). It might have gone up because i am unaware of latest figures. Do you know what is the % of people who are learned? Amused??? Don't be.

Even i was not aware. But one incidence taught me well the same. Wikipedia, says a literate is one who can read and write. Why has it not included assimilating something you learn, apply at appropriate time, for the welfare of yourself, human race and society as a whole. I wish it were done!!!

I want to tell you why do i wish so. Last weekend, my friend and i, went to a restraunt. We wanted to order dinner for take away. While we were waiting, we saw two men sitting in a car and having their dinner. I realized that, the engine of the car was not turned off.

I would have not given it a thought, if it would have been on for minute or two. I analysed that, it might have taken 20 minutes to get the order. They were already having the dinner, so consider 10 minutes and 30 minutes, the time since we were there and god knows for how much time. So roughly they kept their engine on for 60 + minutes.

Do you think they thought on how much pollution they had created by keeping the engine on, how they have contributed to global warming, by keeping the A.C. on, while the engine was on ??? I am talking this because they appeared to be educated by the way they behaved, but however i feel they are not. They are not at all better, than a bucolic, illiterate man living in some remotely located village, who has never been to school.

So, think, the next time you want to have dinner in a car, or keep the engine of the car on for no use, keep the electrical and electronic appliances on without necessity, and prove yourself a TRUE LITERATE.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Transition!!! M lovin' it....

Biologically, a girl turns into a woman, after the menarche, at the age of 12-14. Most of the girls are then into the school. They do not understand the real meaning of womanhood, neither did i understand!

Not taking into the consideration the biological transition, there comes another stage, which is emotional transition. This may come at any age, because many factors affect it, family, peer group, your own priorities, society to which you belong etc. This comes when a girl gets out of the "teen pinks", and understands the importance of true love, care, family, relationships, culture, responsibilities and so many other things. Many girls may not understand it at a very later stage of life, no harm, it depends, some may not give importance to these and choose path of personal growth as more important.

The reason, these thoughts have cluttered in my mind today is, i have started experiencing this transition. Don't know whether its too early, or not..but i want to tell you a secret dear blog, m lovin' it...

This does not mean i am not concentrating on career, infact this transition has made me more conscious about my responsibilities towards myself and for people around me. Cooking was not my cup of tea few months ago, but now i like to cook and serve (m not excellent at it yet, but yeah you can eat it and your taste buds won't complain). I love doing the household chores now(earlier i used to do it, but then now i do them without complaining). I like festivals now( along with the hard work accompanied like cleaning,washing, dusting).I, now like talking with many people of different age groups, discussing and understanding things around. I have started loving the thoughts of true love, marriage and family. (not worrying about the end of singlehood :P).

You know what, i want this transition to be memorable, so that i can tell my children (More specifically daughter :P)

P.S.: Did i mention, i have started following some great cooking and 'women special' blogs. :P :P :D