Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I read a 'wall post' today saying, past is history, future is mystery, so live in present.( A very commonly said/written thought)

But i stopped there, and thought over it, pondered, is it?

You know sometimes it happens that you think, i wish i could have done it. I wish it never happened. I wish, this and that....and feel sad about it. (Its alright to feel sad, you not committing a sin).Even i feel same about many things, which i should have done/not done, many people with whom i should have talked to or never talked to, so on and so forth.....

But how would i know today, that todays decision would be a blunder for tomorrow. Everybody does it holding an arrow of hope, but the string of the bow gives up...and THUDDD...we land up in a wrong place, wrong people, wrong situation. If i would have known then, that whether its right or wrong, i would have not been writing this post probably.

Sometimes i feel, i just need something where i can tell everything in 'me', express anger,pour out all frustration, regret, cry, laugh....simply anything - a book, a coffee mug, a tree, a bench in a garden., any damn thing in this would which would just listen to me....and make 'me' empty.

Why not some  Homo Sapiens Sapiens ??? Because they won't understand. Some will be indifferent, some will ignore, and most of the 'species' will be happy, when they see, i am not happy.

I have titled this post 'RUMINATIONS', because these thoughts keep coming in my mind, then i keep them aside for a while, then again they make me feel their existence, in fact they hint me, i am still alive!!!

Amma, Ayodhya and the lesson!!!

What magic can media create!!! What amazing effect can word-of-mouth create! Hold on...i ain't speaking about any new fairness cream or anti-aging cream!!!

I am talking about the hot issues these days, the CWG games and AYODHYA-BABRI verdict. CWG is almost on the track, after the media is 'praising' the full-on preparations and optimism about great games to be witnessed.(Now KALMADI and team would be getting a better sleep ;-)). And AYODHYA-BABRI is ofcourse hot all time...(Made more hot ahead of elections).

24th September was the D-day for the RAM & RAHIM. All the nation was heated up. The state-government of all the states, police forces, rapid action force, and other forces were ready to 'face it'. Even we were doing our warm-up. Its not about being pessimistic, about the verdict and forming a prejudice that there might be some mishap after the verdict, but its something we have experienced during the last decade. So we discussed that we would buy all the essential items like milk, vegetables etc. in large quantities and store them.(The second fear was high soaring prices)

And why only we, our maid, who is called 'AMMA'('अम्मा'), aged above 80 also knew that there was something about RAM and ALLAH. She said, "दीदी, कल कुछ दंगे होने वाले है क्या?" (Will there be riots tomorrow?). I said, (sounding optimistic), " की अम्मा कुछ नहीं होगा, आप चिंता मत करो".(Nothing will happen, don't worry)

Another maid, said rebelliously "दीदी मैं तो नहीं आउंगी, कुछ हो गया तो".(I will not come, if something happens!). I tried to make her understand (She understood my ulterior motive, that i wanted her to come and do the work) and sounding more rebellious she said that the area where she lives is sensitive. I was defeated. A management student could not negotiate.( I will ask her for classes on negotiation)

The point i want to make is, media and word-of-mouth. The people who never went to school, do not know how to read and write, know whats happening around, and most important retain it! Isn't this something the marketers can leverage on? Think about it!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I went. I saw. But i did not conquer... (Apology to Caesar, for the changes).
Read on...to get it....

I was happy when one of my friend told me that, there was a national book fair in the city. I had decided, come what may i would visit the fair and pick some good reads. And so i did go... but did not complete my own commitment  :-(
Do i need to mention a national book fair would mean books showcased from all the genres, you and i could think!!

I did pick some books, which were in my wish list. But what i did was i didn't actually buy them. I kept them back in the shelf at the stall. I was wondering, why was i not feeling to buy and rejoice when i was so closed to them, and dying to have them.

Lately, i have been buying books at online shopping site, which has descent service, quick delivery and great discounts.I had never tried it before few months. I feel good to browse through various categories, being struck by a title, reading reviews for it, putting in the cart (read: clicking and selecting), and then paying online, then waiting for the book and getting the book at doorstep within the shortest possible time. This makes me feel like "i am blessed". For some it may sound foolish!!! But i don't care....

So may be today when i had a chance to have the 'touch effect', 'go through effect', i didn't feel 'that' blessed.

So at last i just picked one book, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by HARPER LEE and found the way to exit.

P.S.: I ended up paying 30 bucks more than what i would have paid online.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A treasure on teachers day...

I am talking about a treasure, which has made me think so much, cry, laugh and write...

Its the book~~~ TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE ~~~~By Mitch Albom

This is one of the best book i have come across and i bet it will be till i read...till i die...

Its all about a professor,MORRIE who calls himself a coach and MITCH whom he calls as a friend.
The coach teaches his student without books, without grades with experience......life lessons.....lessons about culture...marriage....ageing...death....fear...forgiveness....a meaningful life!!!

What touches the most about MORRIE is, how can he share what he feels when he feels death near him. Average human being would never like someone to enter in his area at any happy or sad moment because he think he 'owns' it. But MORRIE is above all average beings....he wants to share his life experiences although he is suffering with fatal illness...he wants to give something back the world, to the people he knows and he does not know...So practical in thoughts that everything that has born will die...at the same time tells to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in...

He makes all of them, his family, friends, people around him feel that he is still there for them to talk, to listen, to share, to love...so full of compassion...

He says, that all the things for which we run,chase them, we forget that we too are a part of nature, not above it, are going to die someday, what will remain for ever is none, but relationships and love. 

While his journey from life to death, he tries out to reach millions of people, just to show that there is no fear for death, and so we should live life to fullest, not only for materialistic happiness, but for something which comes from heart, so that you don't feel dissatisfied, don't feel envious, and feel overwhelmed by what comes to you back.

This blog post seems too short to post, what the book is, and me too short of words what impact it has had on me, which will continue to be forever as a teacher....Its 5th September today....HAPPY TEACHERS DAY

Morrie, the COACH and Mitch the STUDENT

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I would have never dared...

Would i ever think of leaving my comfort zone and going to the places where i have never been before. And that too alone!!! NO WAY!!! I would have never dared to....

This goes back to a book, i finished reading recently that is EAT PRAY LOVE by ELIZABETH GILBERT.
This is a travelogue of finding pleasure, spiritual seeking and defining her own self.

At 34,  Liz (Elizabeth), goes through a difficult situation of divorce which is like rebel to her husband (and to herself). Her love for Italian language lands her in Rome (ITALY). The way she fights back her loneliness and depression, tries to find pleasure, gets some good friends, understands the culture, learning process of ITALIAN by joining a school and by interacting with people, the ways in which she tries to alleviate mood (which includes EATing too much of pizza, pasta, and desserts) brings out her qualities like love for independence, never say die attitude, her adaptability (Think you don't understand a word and you land in ITALY), and her travel talent of making friends.

Her love relation with DAVID means a lot for her, stays on her mind for coming months and she thinks a lot of what should not have happened ..... An expression "SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE" describes her state with DAVID (she was trying to fix up a relation, wherein she could have never been happy). Leaving apart the things which do not get along good, you must have done it much earlier, LIZ.....leave him and find your way!!!

After saying GOOD-BYE to ITALY, LIZ comes to INDIA to learn devotion, mediation, finding GOD, learn YOGA....Are we youth listening?? We better learn our values and culture. Her experience in an ashram (school where mediation, devotion are preached), changes the way she thinks. She is successful in getting out all negative thoughts, 'living in past', and getting positive energy and all good reasons to live a great life.

Dropping out her plan to 'understand India', and continuing to 'understand herself', and 4 months of effort to learn devotion, Sanskrit, mediation, yoga and all PRAY makes her well prepared to leave for Indonesia.

She's a fan of medicine man (the person who treats ill in BALI). In Indonesia, she helps a friend, buy house, learns some other mediation techniques from the medicine man, and falls in LOVE, with a person 17 years older and basically a BRAZILIAN. The unconditional love of Felipe (the Brazilian lover) makes her story end like a fairy tell. (Remember: they happily lived ever after)

She left an impression on the mind that writers who seem to be conservative, like loneliness (of course self imposed), linger in their own thoughts, the other face being liberal, friendly, impulsive.......

Leaving with her line~~~~
"I wanted to explore the art of pleasure in Italy, the art of devotion in India and, in Indonesia, the art of balancing the two." ~~~~~ ELIZABETH GILBERT