Friday, August 27, 2010

Finally thinking of LOGOUT!!!

Just before this post, i logged in to my account of ORKUT, signed out. I didn't understand what made me to do it within seconds. (seconds is a better word, minutes might be interpreted too long). The same i did with FACEBOOK (though the seconds spent on FACEBOOK were more :P). LINKEDIN doesn't have much significant updates (Read happenings), so logging in alternate days is fine. Although many people are TWITTER fans, i am not 'touched' by it.

Is everything alright with me? Am i down with some weird syndrome ? Do i need to see the doctor tomorrow ?

Yeah, everything is fine with me, except that the stage of life cycle of online social network is changing with me. 
(Stages: Introduction, Growth, Saturation, Decline) (These stages hold true for me as customer/user of service, not for the product)

Let me state in one line my journey with online social networking sites.Fear-Like-Love-Addict-Get Rid.

When it was introduced to me, i had a fear in mind about its vulnerability, fake profiles, misuse etc. The reason being environment of conservatism during earlier college days and unaware of instructions for usage.
As and when i understood many explicitly understandable and subtle applications (as in what to be viewed by whom, security concerns), i liked it. In fact i started using it regularly.(Read everyday)

During the growth stage, i loved it. Keeping logged in for hours, chatting with friends, searching some old buddies, adding photographs, videos, scrapping, liking, commenting was a holy duty.

As time passed on, and saturation stage brought its dull colors, chatting with same old friends, just asking howz u? howz life at ur end? seemed to be too boring. New time killing methods were games (Searching the treasure and shooting the bubble :P), applications ( opening the life box, what is the hidden meaning of your name, when would you die) and all sorts of activities, which didn't have justification to be done. (I still don't have one)

And now, at this stage i feel like these sites are good, as long as you build a healthy network, use them with a purpose, and yeah for a limited time.(May be seconds).And here i reach the decline stage. I have been trying to log in occasionally and not waste some good time. And guess what i have been pretty successful in that. (A pat on my back) :-)

Hope i don't login after i end this post. :P


Sunday, August 22, 2010

A bit of incredible India!!!

After the blog post of exams, i felt more burdened ;-). So to relieve this burden, i felt i need a day-break. My mom felt even she needed the break. So we planned a short trip to OMKARESHWAR, one of the famous places of devotees. On the note, I am not a kind of religious person, or someone who goes to place or worship every day or follow some fast or alike, i agree that there is some infinite force which is the cause of existence of all the living and non-living things.

Omkareshwar is about 90 km from Indore. Its located on the bank of river NARMADA. The way by road is good as long as you go by private vehicle. State transport may give you bangs. Dense trees can be seen along the way. The weather was good when we had been there with some drizzling on and some bright sun.

When we entered Omkareshwar, we paid 30 bucks at a booth.( Pilgrimage tax i suppose). At the parking area we were greeted by 'n' number of people who said "VIP GATE se darshan karwa denge.10 minute mein darshan ho jayenge" ( Means we will take you through the VIP entrance. It will take only 10 minutes for you to worship and come out). We denied. Then we were greeted by boatman asking if we needed the boat to go to the other side. ( The temple is at the other side of the holy river, NARMADA). We asked him the charges, reply was 2200 bucks. "HUHH", was my first reply.

(I thought, i traveled from Indore to the place paying 1500 Rs for traveling 200+ km. And for worship of GOD to go at other side 2200 bucks and that too in an engine boat, which worked with help of a small fan and made sound of MASS decibel :P  (Are you listening GOD???).

The boat in which we traveled

He later on stated that only to go on other side and come back, he would charge 400 Rs. We negotiated. (Trying to apply management). The matter was settled to 350 bucks.

We traveled to the other side of the river. The people who sell the worship items were one of the smart businessmen i have seen. The reason: they sold one of the item for Rs 1 only if you buy another items worth Rs 20 or more. This is call the "CONDITIONS APPLY" THEORY. (*)

As we moved on, we saw the crowd and lost hope of getting out in some hours. Finally came to rescue the ANGEL of GOD (The agent who would charge Rs 350 for entry through so called VIP GATE). We agreed to the angel, because we didn't wanted to invest our hours in line. Finally we finished with a short meeting with GOD's idol. (By the way, did i mention that the meeting did not even last for 350 seconds!!!)

We left the place within an hour.

On my way back, i thought~~~

If every vehicle entering in the town pays the tax, why is the place so stinky, filthy?

Why do people believe in bathing in holy river washes away all their sins?

The person who was called ANGEL above, ate some gutka, (local term for crushed arecanut with tobacco and some other ingredients) and people paid many ANGELS thousands of bucks a day. (I apologize to myself for doing that, but some inevitable condition made me to do that)

What would be the effect on GDP of India, if all the people visiting such places had not been there?

How much have i paid for 350 seconds of encounter with GOD? (1500 for vehicle+350 for the boatman +350 for the ANGEL +50 misc. = Rs 2250 only ) Had i not paid it, and not come here, how would have i spent it?

And many thoughts roll on..............

On the way back we visited a place TINCHA. A glimse of it at the end of this post to end it in a better way

A glimse of TINCHA falls

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to my world!!!

Don't get surprised when you read the title. I was not alienated :P.
But i was away from my real world, the only mine. Didn't get time to read, think, write, cook, talk with BITTU (My parrot pet) for almost a week. The reason was EXAMS; The single activity I have not been able to analyze. Analyze in the terms of its usefulness, productivity.

To test on my math, lets count the number of exams i have appeared till date:

School from Standard 1- Class i graduated: 4 exams a year * 16 years = 64 exams
                                                                   64 exams * 6 subjects (minimum) = 384exams
Post graduation: 6 subjects* 6 exams = 36 exams/year and the counting still continues.....

The above math is excluding the tutorials, tests, quizzes and vivas'. {the POOR me :-(}

WOW!! I'm feeling proud of myself for studying  for 400+ exams. But the next moment my pride is all dissolved.
(Don't think i have taken the exams like glucose).I have all written sincerely. (My D-circles serve proof for it, they remained pretty long :D :P)

Jokes apart, why is there no feeling of pride? Because i hardly remember what is static electricity, the wars in history books, the formation of metamorphic rocks, the endocrine glands, the chemical structure of ether, benzene, the reactions of fuming hydrochloric acid, the types of muscles in frog (is that muscles or something different, i dont even remember that)!!!

Then why was i taught all that, which i could not remember? Could any body recall all that he/she has learned?? The pragmatic answer for this is NO. Then why put in resources like time, money, energy, mental efforts in something which has not been productive.

I also agree that there is no other easy method like exams to gauge where the student *(Read Individual) stands academically. 

But then this is not learning. This is not education. I am not a great system changer or developer. But what i understand is somewhere, sometime it is to be changed: From unproductive process to productive/ the REAL KNOWLEDGE GAINING PROCESS.

And my last line dedicated to all the VIRUSES :P (Principal VIRU from 3 idiots) ~~


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mera number kab aayega!!!

Today thoughts are flooding my mind (as always). Thoughts about ye mujhe kab milega?? wo mujhe kab milega (* ye and wo symbolizes any thing/person/position etc)

Everyone of us has the same kind of psychology, ki mera number kab aayega!!!(Except few abnormal people).

Mera number kab aayega~~~~~~~~~

Ye duniya dekhne mein

School ki admission ke line mein

Result ke board pe

Phir college ki admission line mein

Cineplex ki popcorn stall pe

Railway station ki ticket-window pe

Employement news ki advertisement wali job mere haath mein aane mein

Shadi ke liye achi ladki/ladka milne mein

Promotion hone mein

Ek bada ghar banane mein

Ek lambi si gadi ghar ke samne aane mein

Mere bacho ke admission ke line mein...........................................and the story continues........

The other day, me and my friend had a conversation about being impatient. Why have we become so impatient? Why are we in hurry to get everything? To experience good things? (Anyone of us is not being impatient for bad things)

After that conversation i realized we are not being impatient. The world (*read as people) is running so fast, so furious with no stoppages. So do i err when i say, i don't want to be left behind?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday evening...

I have a mixed feelings about malls and something called as 'MALL CULTURE'. Sometimes i feel, this part of organized retail has elevated the standard of living of people. Sometimes i feel, choti-choti si dukane hi thik thi.

I seldom spent my Sunday evening, in a mall, simply looking at things, which i would never buy. But  'TOUCHING' a thing, feeling it,  gives a different pleasure (THE TANGIBLE EFFECT).

Today's evening was destined to be spent at a hypermarket. (We are not used to listening hypermarket, so for convenience i have written it as MALL). One more reason is my mom wanted to see it. (We have been living in tier-3 city and  MALL CULTURE has never been a part of our lives).

Some things which i pondered upon after visiting there:

1. People visit malls, like a flock of sheep.(people of all age groups particularly youth). I saw children taking the cart to places, and i remember, at this age, i was busy kicking a ball in a garden or playing some or the other outdoor games)

2. The consumer basket has changed its appearance. ( People were only interested in buying grocery and provisional items, as a part of regular shopping 10 years ago, but now crockery, furniture,apparels, luxury items have become a part of regular shopping)

3. The words which cause more footfalls for malls even during these monsoons, are 'SALE' 'OFF' 'DISCOUNT' 'OFFERS'.

4. When people visit a mall, the bucks spent are always more than planned budget.

5. One thing that i made my mom understand umpteen times this evening is; automatic stairs don't make you fall. But she didn't give me a damn. (Remember the post GENERATION GAPS)

6. My mom didn't feel tired at all, whereas i wanted to hit the bed as soon as possible. {When you experience something for the very first time, you feel excited and the level of excitement goes on decreasing each time (principle of marginal equity)};-)

7. The hypermarket was deprived of a corner dedicated to books, movies, music and art, the reason which makes people like me stay away from these kind of stores.

8. Specialty stores should be preferred for 'NOT VERY OFTEN BUYS' like items of electronics, furniture etc. The reason being number of varieties, sales and after sales service. I had a bad experience of buying an furniture item and an electronic item in a mall, for which the after sales service was poorest. (Note: the degree of comparison)

As I am writing this post, my mom's shouting from the kitchen ki agle Sunday phir chalenge. I hope, i remember this post of mine, when i think of visiting the mall next time (Learning: To spend a beautiful Sunday evening in a mall is one of the worst ways of CLOSING the weekend)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rain, coffee and a new post on blog!!!

While i look outside the glass pane of the window, i can run my fingers on it to write my name on the moisture, which is formed on the inner side, and smell the coffee which is about to boil and spill over. It has been combination of  short wet and dry spells in Indore since a month. It has been raining since morning today and i have not got a feeling to get out of my cozy blanket. WOW!!! rains, a cozy bed, coffee (pakodas : additional on menu), some romantic songs and a post on blog. (A picture perfect type of thing for me).

While i write this post, i have been going through a online shopping site for books, which is currently showing the recently published books. I have been making my mind to be a consistent reader, which i don't know, how far will i be successful in. (Oh! My lord listen to me!!!)

Something very interesting to share, I just read a line on a blog, "YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO DECIDE EVERTHING, BUT EVERYTHING YOU DECIDE, IS ALREADY DECIDED". I interpreted the writer of the blog described something called as DESTINY.

I know, this post is totally unstructured,  but this was the way it was ought to be written (my destiny and the posts' destiny).


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I realized that 2nd of August was the friendship day for this year, when a message popped out on the screen of my hand phone saying," Friendship is not just another word, its another world filled with care, faith and happiness".
It made me think so much!!! Is is really?? This post is to tell what questions my heart asked me at that moment.I have found my answers. I leave it to you, what you believe!!!

Friendship, as defined TECHNICALLY (oops!!! the last blog was based on technology) is a relationship of intimacy, intimacy which is greater than association/acquaintance and lesser than a personal relationship.

Is friendship a relationship? Do i give it that worth when my friend really needs me? Am i a friend  who is there only for hanging out for a movie and at pizza junctions? Am i a friend of a person, who is so much selfish who would go and talk to a person only when he/she wanted and not even go and ask when friend is at the worse of illness ? Am i a friend who has a 'FREE' wrist to get only NOT-SO-IMPORTANT friendship band ? Or Am i a friend who needs your help to understand the concept in text books and cases and forget you after the exam is over? Am i a friend who celebrates friendship day with different friends each year and forget my old friends? What i believe ki time will decide whether we remain friends or 'WE' are the one who will decide the longevity and quality of the friendship? (*hidden meaning of QUALITY to be interpreted by readers themselves as applicable for them)

This post made me remember all my old and new friends!!! Thank you for being there, AS A TRUE FRIEND OR NOT SO TRUE FRIEND!!!

I have got my answers. Have you got yours ?????