Saturday, July 31, 2010

Generation GAPS!!!

Every time we hear a GENERATION GAP, a picture stands in front of our mind~~~~
A very old man~~~A young man~~~And a small boy (You can always imagine the opposite gender for this. Don't think I am favoring a gender, and demeaning other)

This post is here to say something similar. Today morning when a man collecting the internet bills rang the doorbell, I paid him and he went away. But my Mom had series of questions lined for me.

First she asked, for what did you pay him? when i answered, "It's the internet charges", she had another question within no time "What is internet?". When i tried to explain her about internet and search engines and websites, she did not listen to the answer carefully and immediately went away from the room saying, "WE don't understand this internet and search. search what???"....(she did not remember the concluding part)

She started telling me, world has changed. We never had these things. She seemed as if these changes had spoiled the living of people, whereas I feel WOW!!! Technology has done wonders!!! She feels its so difficult to use a mobile phone, and i feel Thank god! I can have long chats with my friends. She feels i waste my time by using a laptop, whereas i feel NO FOOD, chalta hai.....but NO LAPTOP, I will die. And many such things have difference in opinion.

The message i want to convey, is this is generation gap!!! I would simply define as,

Start to blogging!!!

BLOGGING!!! Its not for me...I had never given it a second thought...I am  interested in following some really good blogs (which have varied topics).
It's 4.03 A.M. and I am thinking what really made me enter into world of blogging...
But i am very clear that i have not started writing, craving for comments or to win a race (*DISCLAIMER: NOT INTENDED TO DISGRACE EFFORTS OF ANY PERSON/ GROUP)...
I have entered into blogging for my own happiness!!! I am into habit of reading good blogs, found myself been ADDICTED to them, felt fascinated how people could write so wonderfully, on so many topics...
(one more thought which made me take a pen (read as TYPE), is when you express what you feel, may be you have a better sleep) (**think of me posting this at 4.30 A.M.)
So here it goes...hope I am successful in what the description says....